Who is your stand out player or flop at the World Cup?

62 games have being played so far and we dare say it has been an outstanding tournament. From the early upsets, beautiful goals, off field drama, deep emotions showed by players and coaching staff and lots more.

The footballing spectacle we all looked forward to didn’t disappoint and as we wind down with the last two games we can be sure that there is still a lot of excitement to come.

A lot of players have stood out with outstanding performances for their countries, a few break out stars have emerged and some have said goodbye to international football in style.

Who is your stand out player of the tournament so far? and who was the biggest flop?

One advantage professional footballers have is how much their careers help to keep them fit and of course healthy.

A good number of us do not have that luxury and will need to be more intentional to stay active and physically fit. As you watch the World Cup remember to infuse exercise into your daily lifestyle, your body will thank you.

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