The World Cup Frenzy: Who is your money on?

We have been treated to a footballing spectacle in the last two weeks and the coming days offer even more excitement with the mouth-watering fixtures lined up.

Morocco have made it to the last 8, can they go all they way? you can take this trivia for a chance to win an Itel smart phone.

Upsets have popped up here and there enough to give some fans a panic attack and it sounds like a good time to remind everyone not to lose track of the healthy lifestyle practices we regularly advocate.

As you enjoy the games do remember to watch your alcohol intake for obvious reasons. Stay hydrated with a lot of water to replace fluids lost from passionately rooting for our teams.

As the festive season beckons, hope you have got plans to keep track of what you consume. Remember food can heal your body and vice versa. For persons with or caring for those with chronic conditions;

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