The Life-Saving Challenge

The Life-Saving challenge educates current and potential users of the Adhere App on the importance of A+ (90-100%) adherence to prescribed medications for better health outcome.

Medication nonadherence for patients with chronic diseases is extremely common, affecting as many as 40% to 50% of patients.

These patients are prescribed medications for management of chronic conditions such as diabetes or hypertension. This nonadherence to prescribed treatment is thought to cause at least 100,000 preventable deaths.

Adherence refers to a process, in which the appropriate treatment is decided after a proper counseling with the patient.

It can be defined as “the extent to which a person’s behavior, in taking medication, following a diet, and/or executing lifestyle changes, corresponds with agreed recommendations from a health care provider”.

Adhere is a health focused mobile application designed to alleviate the prevalence of medication non-adherence in patients living with chronic diseases (HIV/AIDS, HYPERTENSION, DIABETES etc.) and are on long-term medications for better morbidity and reduced mortality.

The resulting decline in medication non-adherence may lead to less emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

Adhere offers a simple and reliable structure for patients on long term treatments (HIV/AIDS, Hypertension and Diabetes… etc.) to keep track of all their medications

With 3 tools…

The Pillbox:  A virtual container, which provides a push notification at the exact time each of your medication should be taken and automatically keeps a MEDICAL HISTORY at the end of every treatment.

Pharmacy Locator: a GPS enabled feature to locate the nearest pharmacy in your current location.

Pill Zone: a direct link for the most insightful, easy to understand and relevant drug information content (via

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