Running out of chances: Is this the year of the GOATS?

As we count down to the quarter-final clash between the Orange of Netherlands and La Albiceleste of Argentina, who are you rooting for?

For a lot of people the GOAT debate has to be settled in this word cup and so wish for an Argentina vs Portugal final.

This is most likely the last world cup for Messi and Ronaldo. Their fanbases are really wishing their idols can go all the way with their national teams. There will be no more chances after this one.

When it comes to our health we have a chance each day to make better health and lifestyle decisions. Every opportunity we miss reduces the chances we have to correct wrong choices.

From taking that weight loss journey seriously to smoking cessation or getting that health plan for the rainy day, its about taking the chances we get.

I am pretty sure that’s topmost on Lionel Messi’s mind right now, bury every chance and go for glory.

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