Pharmacists Transforming Global Health

The world is witnessing great changes in all fields affecting human life and survival. With these there is greater commitment to the supply of an increased standards of services and products to meet human needs.

Health, one of human’s basic needs demands a lot more attention. Individuals, governments, society, and health care providers must pay adequate attention to new health challenges and public health concerns.

Remedies, better treatment approaches and increased competence of all health professionals is also important.

World Pharmacists Day 2020

The 25th of September is globally marked as Pharmacists’ Day, and today, we explore Pharmacists’ roles in public health transformation, and what more the world can expect from their commitment in this direction.

The expertise of a Pharmacist in response to these health demands connects knowledge of health issues to their most effective, safe, and affordable remedy.

Pharmacists understand and guide the public, patients, and other health care professionals on rational drug use.

They collaborate with the health care team in providing health services for promotion of health, prevention, and treatment of diseases.

Pharmacists seek to reduce drug misuse and abuse. They provide information on drug interactions and regulate drug supply processes.

Starting from research to patient’s follow-up pharmacists work to achieve desirable treatment outcomes.

In response to past and recent developments in public health, which require more effective responses, Pharmacists are always involved.

Health promotion, disease prevention, disease treatment and control, health resources management are some of such.

They are involved in decision making and regulation. Example of such is the responsibility to prevent drug misuse and abuse, and provide solutions to their consequences.

Continuous Improvement

Pharmacists advance their skills continuously so as to continue to support global health initiatives and goals. Therefore they can keep working to ensure the integrity of drug supply while detecting counterfeit medicines.

Pharmacists help to ensure that patients receive the most appropriate selection of drugs and that clear and understandable medication advice are given to patients.

Thus, they check for whatever possibility that can make a treatment ineffective.  That way they seek to eliminate them and ensure that patients comply with treatment plans.

The Pharmacists advocate for health promotion and disease prevention. This is a means of reducing or eliminating costs of disease treatment with drug therapy.

In keeping with their ultimate purpose; assuring the health and wellbeing expectations of the public, and patients, in line with professional principles.

Pharmacists are working to  create new systems while improving current ones for better delivery of health services for the benefit of the public.

Indeed Pharmacists all around the world are contributing in no small measure to global health and can do more with the needed support

Cheers to the Rx Heroes…

Edeh Emmanuel Chisom


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