Olusanya Oluwatomi


Oluwatomi is a Pharmacist, digital marketer and a writer.
His writing and speaking interests cuts across public health, economic policy and good governance.
He is tasked with coordinating strategy for the Healthynaija brand.
In his spare time, he loves to tweet (@Tommi_ng), watch movies, football or political satire.

Udeogalanya Ezinwanne


Ezinwanne is a Pharmacist and freelance writer passionate about how storytelling and targeted messaging creates life changing health information for Nigerians.
As the Lead Editor, she is responsible for generating and implementing health content strategies that help our readers increase health awareness through tastefully reviewed articles from other health professionals.
When she isn’t working, you’ll find Ezinwanne reading at home, watching yet another Netflix series and doing crossword puzzles.

Wellington Owhornka Atuzie


Pharmacist, entrepreneur, in love with Product Design (Applications, Animations, Illustrations). 

The results are in @spontedesign, @adhere_app, @healthynaija.