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A Broken Penis – A Short Story by Ollie BP

As soon as his bottom hit the mattress, Oge reached for him, putting her soft, warm hands on the back of his neck as she lowered her lips to his. They kissed, slowly at first,

  • Vasectomy

The Vasectomy Option: A look at the Facts

Preamble: In recent times there has being significant push back from women about being left to carry the burden of most family planning methods including shouldering the impact some of these procedures have on their

  • sexual myths

Sex Mythbusters

Let’s talk about some of the outrageous, funny and sometimes even logical misconceptions about sex. In our January Magazine issue we published this and a lot more on topics around sexual and reproductive health....Download here

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Sexual Hygiene Practices You Should Know

There seems to be quite limited knowledge about sexual hygiene because it is a topic that is not discussed so often. Being aware about sexual hygiene practices is immensely helpful in preventing several infections. Sexual

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Semen thickness and how it affects fertility

Once issues about the semen are mentioned, you will notice one of two reactions; some people become embarrassed while another set of people become worried. Watery semen as its sometimes called is not a good

Jock Itch: Don’t let it embarass you

Just as the name implies, itching is the most common symptom and can get really severe and even embarassing because of the areas affected. It's a fungal infection that affects the skin around the genitials,

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