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“I Took Postinor-2 Twice in 3 Days” – A Play 

SYNOPSIS: BIRTH CONTROL PILLS EXPLAINED. A dialogue. “Baby-la-hot” and her pharmacist are discussing the fact she has taken postinor-2, twice already in the last three days; and the inherent consequences of this.  CHARACTERS “Baby-la-hot”:  A concerned patient Pharm:  The Pharmacist. Postinor-2: P2 SETTING: A modern Community Pharmacy. ‘Baby -la-hot’ walks into the pharmacy in a hurry. She …

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Contraceptive Use and Fertility: All the answers you need

Contraceptive use remains the most preferred means of preventing pregnancies and practicing safe sex, asides abstinence. Contraceptives allow the users to put off unwanted pregnancies till they are ready to have children. These help them prevent situations where they have to do abortions which could be potentially life threatening. This especially in countries where they …

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sexual myths

Sex Mythbusters

Let’s talk about some of the outrageous, funny and sometimes even logical misconceptions about sex. In our January Magazine issue we published this and a lot more on topics around sexual and reproductive health….Download here Womb Shifters As adults, we might have heard social media banter or friends brag about having a partner whose penis …

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sexual hygiene

Sexual Hygiene Practices You Should Know

There seems to be quite limited knowledge about sexual hygiene because it is a topic that is not discussed so often. Being aware about sexual hygiene practices is immensely helpful in preventing several infections. Sexual hygiene refers to conditions and practices before, during and after sexual intercourse that promote and preserve health. A lot of …

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Know your lemons

So recently, I developed a craving for a particular type of sour and mildly bitter citrus fruit. Lemons! Not grapes… (I know…especially in Nigeria they can get confused). What an interesting enough fruit to look at, with it’s almost oval shape, the textured exterior that doesn’t always indicate it’s ripen state. Aside from its nutritional …

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