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Sexual Hygiene Practices You Should Know

2020-06-11T17:56:34+00:00June 11th, 2020|

Sexual Hygiene There seems to be quite limited knowledge about sexual hygiene because it is a topic that is not discussed so often. Being aware about sexual hygiene practices is immensely

Brown Skin Girl: Preserve your glow

2019-10-24T21:23:34+00:00October 24th, 2019|

Brown Skin Girl: Preserve your glow "Brown skin girl Skin just like pearls Best thing in the world I won't trade you for anything" These are popular lines from Beyonce's song

Know your lemons

2019-08-13T18:00:00+00:00August 13th, 2019|

So recently, I developed a craving for a particular type of sour and mildly bitter citrus fruit. Lemons! Not grapes… (I know...especially in Nigeria they can get confused). What an interesting

Caesarean Section (CS) isn’t Bad News

2019-08-13T17:32:33+00:00August 13th, 2019|

Most women especially in these parts like to experience labour and deliver vaginally (which is a good thing). However, some women prefer a Caesarean Section (CS) which is an operation that