Before you use that herbal medicine

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Before you use that herbal medicine A common sight in major Nigerian cities is some individuals who go about in vehicles with public address systems marketing what is generally called herbal

The Open Drug Market: why you should care

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The Federal Government vowed to put an end to the indiscriminate sale and distribution of medicines and other related products via the open-drug market by January, 2019. It is August, 2019

  • Drug allergies

Drug Allergies: The right approach

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A side effect is a common experience for most patients or medicine users. It is usually an unpleasant experience that can occur when a medicine is taken. Common examples include: feeling

Drug Interactions: Ask your Pharmacist

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Drug Interactions: Ask your Pharmacist Taking medications has  never been an enjoyable experience but drugs remain a major tool in healthcare delivery. Some drugs are used to treat short

Paracetamol Palava

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By Alison Williams, Intern Pharmacist, Federal medical centre, KeffiParacetamol commonly called by their brands as: Emzor, M&B, Panadol is a household medicine in most individual’s lives.From the medicine boxes of  mothers