Colourism: Driving Unhealthy Choices?

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“Hey Blackie!” This line, I’m sure, most dark skinned people are familiar with. You are called that once you have a very dark skin amidst lighter people though your name may

Corona Virus: Measuring the global impact

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Many times we take healthcare for granted forgetting how well it affects every other aspect of our lives, from economic to social and even political. The world is often described as

Stay Strong Nigeria

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Stay Strong Nigeria For Nigeria as a nation, it's been 59 years since the much celebrated exit of the Colonialists. Here we are on our journey to greatness as a nation.

Emergency services in Nigeria

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Emergency services in Nigeria 911..I'm pretty sure you're familiar with the 3 digit number I just mentioned. It's the emergency number in the US and I guess you heard it from

Dear Health Minister

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Dear Health Minister, On behalf of the many Nigerians who crave a quality healthcare system so badly we welcome you on board. Quite frankly you have been given an assignment that

  • Drug allergies

Drug Distribution and National Security

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Drug Distribution and National Security Nigeria has a drug distribution problem and it appears not to be going away soon. This is probably a symptom of the largely dysfunctional system we