• contraceptive

Contraceptive Use and Fertility: All the answers you need


Contraceptive use remains the most preferred means of preventing pregnancies and practicing safe sex, asides abstinence. Contraceptives allow the users to put off unwanted pregnancies till they are ready to have

Contraceptive Use and Fertility: All the answers you need2021-10-08T23:26:05+00:00
  • fruits corner

Fruits Corner: Apples and Bananas


Consuming fruits contribute a lot to our health and general wellbeing while reducing our risk of having some diseases. Apples and bananas are quite common around these parts and provide huge

Fruits Corner: Apples and Bananas2021-08-31T19:54:34+00:00
  • anti-malarial medications

Too Many Antimalarials? Here is the Deal


If I got a dollar every time somebody said, "Amatem no dey work for me na Lonart dey work", I'd be called Elon Musk by now. Many people don't understand that

Too Many Antimalarials? Here is the Deal2021-07-04T10:19:51+00:00

Healthcare Beyond Hospital Walls


Many times our thinking about healthcare mainly centres around what is done in the hospitals and various health facilities around the country. The policy makers in government are not left out.

Healthcare Beyond Hospital Walls2021-07-03T17:45:30+00:00
  • insulin and diabetes

Insulin and Diabetes – A Short Story


It was Monday morning, and as usual Doctor Emeka was looking dapper in his ward coat. He was about adjusting his glasses when a frantic knock at the door interrupted his

Insulin and Diabetes – A Short Story2021-06-25T16:30:09+00:00
  • patient responsibility

Patient Responsibility: A Pharmacist’s Perspective


Pharmacists are an important link between Patients and their Doctors, this is why we play a vital role in communicating how patients can get the most of their treatments. As a

Patient Responsibility: A Pharmacist’s Perspective2021-06-26T12:17:17+00:00
  • supplements and vitamins

Vitamins and Dietary Supplements: Are We Being Scammed!?


OPINION PIECE.. It wasn’t surprising that the trending hashtag on Nigerian Twitter following the Federal Government’s ease of lockdown restrictions was centered around supplements as “Immunity Boosters.” In fact, social media

Vitamins and Dietary Supplements: Are We Being Scammed!?2021-06-24T22:44:41+00:00
  • Antibiotics

Ampiclox finally speaks out…


In the last few years, I have heard numerous rumors from some of my undercover agents about how members of the antibiotic association are terribly frustrated with +234 people. I even

Ampiclox finally speaks out…2021-06-25T18:52:21+00:00
  • Medications

ABC of proper medicine use


Drugs are substances which when taken into the body changes the way our body functions via several ways and so are used for; 1. Management of chronic diseases i.e. those that

ABC of proper medicine use2021-06-25T18:50:59+00:00
  • endometriosis

ENDOMETRIOSIS: When the lining of the womb goes rogue


Endometriosis is a condition that affects 1 in 10 women globally, and most women who have this condition don’t even know they do! It occurs when tissues (endometrium) that normally line

ENDOMETRIOSIS: When the lining of the womb goes rogue2021-06-25T18:49:31+00:00
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