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Stomach Ulcer, what you need to know!!

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Stomach Ulcer, what you need to know! Stomach ulcer also referred to as gastric ulcer are open sores that develop on the lining of the stomach. It is different from duodenal

Home Made Therapy For Diarrhoea

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Abdominal cramps,  bloating, fever, abdominal pains, frequent, loose or watery stools, blood and/or mucus in the stools. The above are all possible signs and symptoms associated with diarrhea. Diarrhea can occur

Improving Healthcare for the Elderly

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Improving Care for the Elderly Healthcare for the elderly is special. Some specific needs make their care difficult compared to middle aged adults. Here are a few of such reasons 1.

Arthritis (2): Osteoarthritis

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OSTEOARTHRITIS Although Rheumatoid arthritis is quite popular, it is actually not the most common type of arthritis. Osteoarthritis is the most common type, but unlike Rheumatoid arthritis; it is not an

Arthritis: What you need to know

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ARTHRITIS One of the most common medical conditions known in almost every household is arthritis. If your grandma doesn’t have it, then at least a relative of yours does. However, just

Headaches: When referral becomes necessary

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Headaches; When referral becomes necessary Headaches are a regular occurrence for most of us. They present in various forms and severity due to several factors. Sometimes however headaches might be

Pre-Diabetes: The wake up call

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Today, there are a number of diseases that can lead to lifetime of taking certain drugs. These diseases are called chronic diseases and they appear to be on a rise