mental health guide

Boost  your mental health in 2023

Great mental health will push you a long way towards your other goals and you can make that happen by doing some of these.

Invest in your relationships

Work out a system of improving your relationship with those that matter around you. I used reminders to help me reach out. Investing in relationships will yield returns when you least expect coupled with the fact that we enjoy the feeling of community that is a huge mental boost. Don’t be scared of starting new friendships.

Go for experiences

Seek out new and exciting experiences. It could be volunteering for your local charity, joining a group that plays your favorite sport, trying new food or taking on that interesting road trip. These activities can produce a feeling of newness plus documenting this experiences means you can relive them in the future.

Set goals and reward yourself

Many people over estimate what can be done in one year and underestimate what is achievable in 3 month. Setting little goals that involve daily action creates a sense of purpose. The dopamine hit that comes with reaching these goals is quite refreshing. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy it could be as simple as exercising for 15 minutes daily

Find times of stillness

Community is great but times of individual introspection and quietness are very important. In those periods we we sit with our thoughts, put things in perspective, and acknowledge the positives in our life. In a time where our digital lifestyles are fueled by intense and round the clock stimulation, 60 seconds of just breathing in and out can be a needed breather.

Ensure you recharge

Getting enough sleep that is of required quality cannot be over emphasized. Take away digital devices and ensure meals have being taken a few hours prior to sleep time. Make your sleeping area as ventilated and comfortable as possible. Getting enough sleep before a prolonged time of mental exertion will do a lot of good.

Your mental health is definitely a fuel for your dreams, pay attention to it

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