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“I Took Postinor-2 Twice in 3 Days” – A Play 

SYNOPSIS: BIRTH CONTROL PILLS EXPLAINED. A dialogue. “Baby-la-hot” and her pharmacist are discussing the fact she has taken postinor-2, twice already in the last three days; and the inherent consequences of this.  CHARACTERS “Baby-la-hot”:  A concerned patient Pharm:  The Pharmacist. Postinor-2: P2 SETTING: A modern Community Pharmacy. ‘Baby -la-hot’ walks into the ...

Ciprofloxacin is the New Ampiclox

Ciprofloxacin is the new kid on the block. For many years Ampiclox especially Beecham was the poster drug for antibiotic abuse. From those who believed it was a contraceptive, could prevent sexually transmitted infections, heal withlows and absesses (Popularly called boils). The interesting thing was how all these could be ...

Contraceptive Use and Fertility: All the answers you need

Contraceptive use remains the most preferred means of preventing pregnancies and practicing safe sex, asides abstinence. Contraceptives allow the users to put off unwanted pregnancies till they are ready to have children. These help them prevent situations where they have to do abortions which could be potentially life threatening. This ...
fruits corner

Fruits Corner: Apples and Bananas

Consuming fruits contribute a lot to our health and general wellbeing while reducing our risk of having some diseases. Apples and bananas are quite common around these parts and provide huge nutritional benefit as we discuss below Apples are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, potassium, dietary fiber and here a ...
anti-malarial medications

Too Many Antimalarials? Here is the Deal

If I got a dollar every time somebody said, “Amatem no dey work for me na Lonart dey work”, I’d be called Elon Musk by now. Many people don’t understand that though there are several brands of antimalarials most of them contain the same active ingredients. The different combinations are ...
insulin and diabetes

Insulin and Diabetes – A Short Story

It was Monday morning, and as usual Doctor Emeka was looking dapper in his ward coat. He was about adjusting his glasses when a frantic knock at the door interrupted his hands midway. “Come in,”  Emeka said, inviting a huge middle-aged woman, who  gingerly made her way into the office ...