A Broken Penis – A Short Story by Ollie BP

As soon as his bottom hit the mattress, Oge reached for him, putting her soft, warm hands on the back of his neck as she lowered her lips to his. They kissed, slowly at first, then more urgently with his tongue caressing hers. Daniel and Oge barely came up for air as her hips tilted against his, her breasts against his chest.

Her whole body sent a message that was as undeniable as the verbal affirmation she made moments before. He felt her slip down the bed, Oge unfastened his jeans, eased his briefs over his hips and in a single motion, slid down his covered shaft. Daniel sighed, eyes shut, thinking about how unbelievably good it felt each time she slides down his length.

They only changed positions for a few seconds when Daniel suddenly stopped.

O gini?” Oge said on all fours. The only response he could muster was the sound of air being sucked through clenched teeth as he lay on his side at the foot of the bed. The yard light shone through the window just enough to see the damage, like a beached whale, his solider rested helplessly on the sheets.

“Daniel, what happened!”. She had no clue! Oge finally rolled unto her back, as she carefully scoots off the bed to flick on the light. Daniel looked her in the eye and delivered the news: “I think you broke my penis”. Those were the actual words he said in the most matter-of-fact way any man could.

The situation continued to swell until it had this weird shape; like if you took your index finger and pointed straight ahead and then bent it a little to the left like a hook, that’s a loose idea of what Daniel’s penis now looked like. Crooked.

Now hold up! “can a penis break?”

The answer, unfortunately, is a definite yes.

A broken Penis

A penile fracture isn’t the same as a break in a bone, instead, it’s a tear in either or both of the two spongy tissues of the penis responsible for erections.

The penile sheath and the erectile tissues below it. In severe cases, the fracture could also injure the urethra- the channel within the penis that urine flows through.

A penile fracture happens when a sudden blow or bending of the penis tears the spongy sheath of tissue below the skin and sometimes the erectile tissues beneath the penile sheath, together. These tissues fill with blood during sexual excitement to produce a firm erection.

The circumstances that lead to a penile injury are more exciting than usual as it may involve more adventurous sexual activity. Although a penile fracture can occur from injury during any sex position, certain practices increase the odds.

The “woman-on-top” position increases the risk of a penile injury when the penis is momentarily blocked at the opening to the vagina.

The woman’s full weight can forcefully bend the erection or she may also rock too far forward or backwards bending the shaft of the penis. The “rear-entry” position is also associated with penile injuries.

For Daniel, it was “the rear-entry position” which did him in.

Dr Ira Sharlip, a spokesman for the American Urological Association, said that penile fractures are usually accompanied by a “popping sound” and then an immediate loss of erection. And like Daniel’s, the penis will also be swollen and very painful, often deformed into a “Hook” or “Boomerang”.

There is usually no blood on the surface, only underneath the skin as a lump appears where blood is forced from erectile tissues and through the torn tissues.

How to treat a broken penis

Men have to understand that a penile fracture isn’t fixed with an ice-pack or Paracetamol. If Dan’s injuries are left untreated, he is likely to suffer long-time erectile dysfunction, chronic pain and problems passing urine if the urethra is affected.

It’s important to have a doctor evaluate any penile injuries even if the fracture is mild and not very painful. A doctor will confirm Daniel’s fractured penis based on a physical exam and discussion about the events that led to his penile fracture.

He may also require medical imaging (scans) and special urinary tests to rule-out urethral damage.

Penile fractures usually require surgery; where the surgeon will stitch the torn penile tissues. The aim of surgery is to revive or maintain Daniel’s ability to have an erection and preserve urinary function.


Following surgery, Daniel will stay in the hospital, for 3-5 days. His doctor will send him home with antibiotics and pain medication. It may take several months for the fracture to heal fully, so, Daniel and Oge would have to wait the prescribed time after his follow-up exam before they resume intercourse.

Moving forward

Daniel and Oge can avoid penile injury by using adequate lubrication during sex. They have to be careful during vigorous or “hard” penetrative sex. Ultimately, Dan should avoid blows or pressure to his penis shaft when erect.

Penile fractures could cause long-lasting damage to a man’s sexual and urinary function; hence it’s necessary to seek emergency medical attention.

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