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3 Good Health Habits to Pick Up in 2023

If you went through primary school, you were most likely taught good health habits.

As a matter of fact, you practiced them for some time while under the watchful eyes of your parents/guardians and teachers and, of course, you had to, if you didn’t want to be reprimanded.

But, look at you now–all grown up, independent and wading through the waters of adulthood. However, it is necessary to understand that good health habits are as important now as they were when you were younger.

So, here are 3 good health habits to pick up or resume in 2023.

Get enough rest

The importance of sleep cannot be overemphasized, and we’re going to emphasize it a bit now. Researchers have done us a lot of good—they have come up with so many scientific facts about sleep and why we should get enough of it.

For example, science has shown that lack of adequate sleep can be linked to cardiovascular diseases and hypertension, obesity, decreased immune function and diabetes.

Now, to the workaholics, did you know that sleep disturbances contribute to decreased productivity at work?

Several other research findings have revealed a relationship between sleep and memory, learning and cognitive function. So, this is your sign to take your sleep more seriously.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

It can be tempting to run on fast food, calorie-rich snacks, carbonated drinks and salty and spicy meals, but once the idea of eating fruits and vegetables comes up, many people tend to look in the opposite direction.

Your whole body will thank you if you swap some of these tempting diet choices with more nutritious ones like green leafy vegetables, carrots, watermelons, oranges etc.

Here’s some good news for those who don’t fancy eating fruits and vegetables: juices, smoothies and salads are great alternatives that you can consider.

From improving gastrointestinal health to reducing risk of cancer to aiding eye health and lots more (), the benefits of consuming fruits and vegetables are too numerous and attractive for you to pass up on.

Become more physically active

You don’t necessarily need to become a gym rat, but invest more time and effort in engaging in exercise.

Walk more, stretch out often, hit the gym and work out for some time, move from a sedentary lifestyle to a more active one.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, having a physically active lifestyle can improve many areas of your health and body including your brain, heart, weight, bones and muscles etc.

In reality, once you start becoming more intentional about exercise, you will begin to feel better and your health and everyday functioning will improve. Not to sound like a broken record, but become more physically active.

Truth be told, you want to manifest prosperity, good relationships, career/business success and peace of mind in 2023, but if your body isn’t in good condition, Best believe that other areas of your life will be significantly affected.

Make a decision today to be more intentional about your health and your entire life will be happy for it.

Igobo Joy Sonume