Sex Education: Morality vs Reality

Sex isn’t a topic that is talked about freely in our society or families because of our religious or conservative  views. 

It is pertinent that such stereotypes are broken to enable our young ones make right and informed choices.

The aim here to take a second look at the facts while sharing appropriate information that might be helpful to young persons to prepare for the world as it is.

One major observation is how society constantly shies away from the fact that many young persons are already engaging in sex or would do so in the nearest future even if abstinence is constantly advocated for.

The real question that arises then is “what can be done?” Do we open up the conversation and present all the facts?

While abstinence remains the safest and most effective way to stay away from infections and unwanted pregnancies, it is important that young persons understand the flip side.

A significant number of young persons end up not practicing abstinence but rather go ahead to engage in sexual activities. If you do so it’s important you understand how important it is to protect yourself and your partner. 

Health-wise the following three precautions can be helpful

  1. Always use protection

Condoms are an effective way of protecting yourself from not just unwanted pregnancy but sexually transmitted infections.

Sexually transmitted infections can be worse than we think and even if some can be cured others cannot and the after effects even after treatment are sometimes not palatable.

Emergency contraceptives are also very effective in preventing unintended pregnancy especially when taken within 72 hours after unsafe sex.

However, the earlier they are taken the better and higher the chances of them working. 

P.S.  Abortions are not legal in Nigeria and patronizing quacks for drugs or a procedure can be dangerous.

Abstinence is still the safest and best way to avoid both pregnancies or sexually transmitted infections. But if as a young person you must engage at all you need to ensure that you are protected.

  1. Stick to one partner

Having multiple partners exposes you to a lot of sexually transmitted infections and diseases.

That can be avoided by having one partner while taking necessary steps to protect yourself and your partner.

  1. Do regular checks

Early detection they say is key to treating certain Illnesses. Regular checks keep you informed on the state of your body, prevent development of certain Illnesses and if there are any, helps you treat them on time before they cause serious harm. 

In conclusion, as a society we need to engage in more open conversations about sex in such a way that it keeps people (especially the youth) informed.

This ensures that certain issues such as teenage pregnancies or sexually transmitted infections are avoided.

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Joyce Nwanochi Chinenyenwa

Pharmacist in training at the University of Port-Harcourt, Nigeria