Beauty products, what you should look out for

It is no news that the makeup industry is big business after all looking good is good business. However, the ‘looking good’ process could result in a nightmare if one makes use of substandard beauty products

This could happen on a one-off basis or for a prolonged period. Indeed, it is an undeniable fact that ladies love to have trendy beauty products to keep being in style while looking beautiful.

Issues of Cost

While some can afford to spend money on premium priced quality products, others can’t, leaving the latter to settle for knock-offs of famous beauty brands. These knock-offs are however just packaged disasters.

Some persons who can even afford the quality products might still end up getting an imitation of the original unknowingly.

These counterfeit beauty products are produced from harmful substances in shocking quantities, not to mention that they are manufactured under unhealthy conditions.

Usage of such products can lead to a long list of health problems which can arise immediately or over a longer period. This also applies to bleaching products as well

Some components of these fake beauty products include lead, arsenic, aluminum, mercury, among many others, in incredibly quantities far above the allowed values.


According to the CBS news, ‘’a research carried out on fake make up products, showed that some of the eye shadows in the fake palettes had four times the amount of lead as those in the original version. In one, the amount exceeded the FDA recommended 10 parts per million. The fake lipstick had nearly 15 times the amount of lead as the real thing’’

More so, lead is a harmful substance such that when used in makeup products, could result in kidney, liver damage, anemia, weakness, miscarriages, infertility, birth defects among other harmful conditions, according to the CDC (Center for Disease and Control).

In conclusion, it is important we (make up users) use genuine beauty products and not their imitations.

It might be difficult spotting the fake ones out there but when you research on the products you want to buy, the internet has very lovely tips on how to spot their fakes.

Here at Healthy Naija, we will be sharing a couple of tips in the coming days. we have got you covered.

Watch this space (smiles)

Stay beautiful, stay healthy!

Munirah Jibril Abubakar