Many times we take healthcare for granted forgetting how well it affects every other aspect of our lives, from economic to social and even political.

The world is often described as a global village and as a result it takes less than 48hours for an infection to be transmitted via an individual to any part of the world.

The current outbreak of the corona virus which began in Wuhan, China late last year and has now spread to South Korea, Iran, United states and more recently Italy is sending panic across Europe.

Public health issues can have far sweeping economic effects for example many factories have had to shut down in China and global economy watchers already fear that it’s going to affect global supply chains of many products.
Schools, public spaces and businesses are shut down and you can imagine the impact on such business owners.

Forexample Disneyland parks China already estimates a loss of 135 million dollars should their parks remain closed for another month

Movements are restricted and several countries have issued travel advisories to their citizens not to travel to certain places this period.

Such is sure to impact global trade. In Italy soccer matches and fashion shows were cancelled while South Korea banned public gatherings including religious meetings.

All these go to show the impact a public health emergency can have on our lives and this further butresses the point that we must take issues of healthcare as more important especially in our country Nigeria.

A case has just been recorded in Nigeria and efforts are been made to curtail the spread.

We must not spread panic, rather we must take the necessary precautions and trust that our government will rise to the occasion on this matter.

We will be ok!!

Olusanya Oluwatomi