Stay Strong Nigeria

For Nigeria as a nation, it’s been 59 years since the much celebrated exit of the Colonialists.

Here we are on our journey to greatness as a nation.

Every year around this time we ask ourselves if we are making progress as a nation or we are still stumbling.

The leadership question remains unanswered, we seem to be stuck with a political elite with absolutely no understanding of the principle of enlightened self interest.

We have a huge proportion of youths who feel disappointed in a system that has repeatedly failed to meet up to the aspirations of the youth.

We seem to be in a serious search for positives to hold on to, positives that give us a reason to keep believing.

Nigeria in theory remains together and that is a positive but questions remain about how long the current cracks in our nationhood can hold.

The military are supposedly back to the barracks and citizens expect a democratic system where their voices are heard and taken seriously.

Beyond elections being a reflection of the wishes of the people there is a desire to feel valued as a stakeholder in the Nigerian project.

So light may remain far from our bulbs, water might still not run in our taps, we probably don’t feel safe plus we might still lack the quality of healthcare we need but we won’t give up on the Nigerian project.

We will not place the responsibility of building Nigeria on a few politicians who have no idea about our daily struggles.

We will take responsibility, we will get involved, we will pay attention and refuse to play the victim.

The coming generation deserve a better country.

We will stand strong!

We will keep believing!!


Olusanya Oluwatomi