Before you use that herbal medicine

A common sight in major Nigerian cities is some individuals who go about in vehicles with public address systems marketing what is generally called herbal medicine.

They claim that these medicines are capable of curing all manner of diseases and infections.

I’m pretty sure you must have come across them. I heard one say in the local pidgin english;

“The cause of all disease and infection for this world na staphylococcus aureus and this herbal medicine go cure am sharp sharp”


“any sickness malaria, typhoid, sexually transmitted infection, diabetes, hypertension”

I shook my head in amazement and wondered how such individuals could go on deceiving the public and not get arrested.

Herbal products can be a very good alternative to orthodox medicine when used appropriately according to professional advice.

These products which are usually  from plants sometimes produce fewer side effects and are quite effective.

However it’s important to note that they must be sourced from registered pharmacies and not the road side hawkers.

Getting a herbal product from a licensed premises assures you of it’s quality as well as getting reliable advice on its use from the Pharmacist in that premise.

The market has been flooded with all manner of adulterated and badly prepared products which do more harm than good.

They end up destroying our organs(especially our kidneys) rather than improving our health.

It’s usually not appropriate to take most of this herbal products along with orthodox medicines except if instructed by a physician or pharmacist.

Herbal products are great but must be used appropriately.

Hopefully, in the coming years we will see better regulation of herbal medicine sale so that everyone is better protected.

Incorporating our herbal medicines into orthodox medicine could be a very good step going forward if done properly.

Be guided, always seek information