Drug Distribution and National Security

Nigeria has a drug distribution problem and it appears not to be going away soon.

This is probably a symptom of the largely dysfunctional system we run which of course reflects in the quality of our healthcare system.

Security is one of the core responsibilities of government.

Every step must be taken to secure the lives of citizens and subsequently ensure their welfare.

Drugs are such an essential commodity in any society’s health system.

A lot of diseases are currently ravaging our world and drugs play a huge role in their management.

Drugs are almost as important as food yet drugs cannot be handled by just anyone.

Having drugs in the wrong hands can have devastating effects. This explains why only certain persons should handle it for the benefit of all of us.

In Nigeria, a huge chunk of our drugs are imported (that itself isn’t good for our economy) and are passed across a supply chain that is poorly regulated.

The quality of some of these imported drugs are themselves questionable.

Drugs come in and are distributed by regular traders who have little knowledge of drug storage.

In many cases drugs lose some efficacy before reaching the patient.

Movement of these drugs in Nigeria are poorly monitored leaving room for counterfeiting.

A poor drug distribution system can affect national security because certian drugs prone to abuse such as opioids can easily get to the public.

This can lead to a higher prevalence of drug abuse and addiction and can have social impact such as increased violence and crime rate.

When fake drugs infiltrate the system the patient suffers. Diseases get worse even when the drug is taken and lives are also lost as well.

An understanding of the ability of a poor drug distribution system to affect national security is  quite important.

This will make  the government take the issue of fixing this problem more seriously.

The national drug distribution guidelines which was to fix this issue is still not been implemented and sadly so.

We must understand that the current system is a threat to national security and see it as an emergency that should be attended to.


Olusanya Oluwatomi