The Gifts of Imperfection

One of the ways to find ourselves is to embrace our tenderness and vulnerability while developing knowledge and power.

You must operate from a place of worthiness.

Irrespective of what happens you must cultivate courage, compassion and connection to think you are enough.

Digging deep doesn’t have to be putting the last ounce of strength it could be simply taking a break and gaining some perspective.

To embrace your true self you need
1. Courage
2. Compassion
3. Connection

Courage (to tell your story)
Speaking honestly and boldly about who you are and and been able to connect with the struggle of others.

Compassion – To suffer with and feel the pain of others because we recognise our shared humanity. Not necessarily a healer-wounded relationship.

Connection – When people feel seen heard and valued they gain sustenance from such as relationship.

This should be our watchword in relating with others.

To experience love and a sense of belonging we must believe in our own worthiness.

Fitting in which requires us to assess a situation and be who we are expected to be in order to be accepted can be draining.

Belonging however requires us to be who we are and never scared of not been accepted.

This sense of belonging can never be greater than our sense of self acceptance.

Review of (The Gifts of Imperfection – Brown Brene)

To be continued

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