Mental Health // Relationships.

As our society becomes more complex there is a rising disconnect from human reality.
Crowds, noise and hurry have taken a toll on our collective sanity.

The human spirit thrives on relationship, community and shared values.
Crowds, noise and hurry do not leave room for this close sharing our minds crave so badly.

The pressure to appear successful, attractive and happy is virtually capable of sucking out the life out of our being.

The influence of tech and new media (social media inclusive) has probably diminished the level of genuine intimate human connection.

This has an influence on mental health. The support systems (in terms of family and friendships) seem to have weakened and there is more loneliness.

To reduce the incidence of loneliness which is potentially depressive we must as individuals and a society go back to the basics of human interaction.

Talk more rather than than text. Take time to hang out physically more frequently with friends.

Be willing to share your feelings with close ones (studies show that such action can encourage the other person to do the same hence fostering trust).

Visit friends more rather than sit all day with TV series, do sleep overs, have random talk deep into the night, voice out your fears more because most times you are not alone battling with such fears.

Don’t be carried away with the buzz of social media, celebrate the successes of others but don’t compare.

Reach out more to friends and family. It can have a way of making you happier knowing you’re making someone else’s day.

Enjoy good music and meditation. It’s food for the soul. Limit noise, alone time allows you to refuel.

Lock out negative thoughts.

Sad thoughts can be depressing rather let your mind roam free imagining every positive thing possible.

Stay grateful…