Coconut milk is a liquid naturally found in mature coconuts specifically the meat which is commonly eaten in these parts.

It is quite different from coconut water which is far less viscous. It contains a lot of saturated fatty acids especially Lauric acid and other important vitamins and minerals.

Below are some specific health/nutritional benefits of coconut milk

  1. This Lauric acid is easily absorbed and used as a source of energy and has been found to possess antibiotic and antiviral activity thus helping to protect the body against infections.
  1. It also helps lower cholesterol and improve blood pressure control thus preventing incidents of heart attack and stroke.

This is because the fat they contain are directly used by the liver for energy production rather than been stored.

  1. Coconut milk contains important micro-nutrients like manganese, copper, phosphorus, iron, pottasium as well as important vitamins like vitamin C, E, B1, B3, B6 that help proper functioning of body tissues.

4.Coconut milk provides many electrolyes and could prevent fatigue especially in a hot clime like ours. So appears healthier than your average soft drink.

  1. Its fibre and water content helps improve digestion and relieve constipation thus preventing conditions like inflammatory bowel disease.
  1. Its Iron content helps contribute to prevention of anaemia
  1. Coconut milk helps manage appetite and prevent over eating thus helping weight loss while building up muscles.

Coconut milk is high in calories and so should not be consumed in large quantities though it can be strained to remove some of its fat thereby giving a low calorie milk.

Its also a good option for individuals who are allergic to diary products (Lactose intolerance).

There are a few brands of coconut milk in the market today but when buying ensure you buy the purest possible that doesnt contain flavouring and so many preservatives.

The more processed it is the lower the amount of nutrients still intact and that explains why your best bet remains preparing yours at home.

Our next post will shed light on preparing coconut milk from the comfort of your home.